Membership Benefits

The primary goals of the Capital Management Club are to:

  • Help club members learn more about the challenges of investing in stocks by actively researching potential investment ideas and presenting their conclusions to the club.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities with investment industry professionals through guest speakers, company visits, and other professional interactions.
  • Help prepare members interested in obtaining internships and full-time jobs in the investment industry to interview more successfully for these opportunities through skill building and the promotion of the CMC to potential recruiters.

Secondary goals are to:

  • Create opportunities for students to get more familiar with investment industry research services like Factset and Bloomberg.
  • Serve as a connection point for students to industry job opportunities.
  • Provide social opportunities for members to get to know one another.

The club has two primary categories of membership: Associate Member and Portfolio Analyst.

Associate Members:

  • Attend all club meetings and social events once dues are paid
  • Are provided access to data services and club resources
  • Have the opportunity to attend training sessions
  • Will receive notification of relevant job opportunities 
  • All members of CMC get access to a Factset license as part of their club membership.  This platform and research service is used in the CMC training sessions and is provided from Hawk Center funding for the purpose of student learning.

Portfolio Analysts:

  • All benefits of Associate membership (including access to Factset.)
  • Highest priority for participation in optional events
  • Can use designation "Portfolio Analyst" on resume
  • Can vote on stock pitches