2020 Summer Internship Opportunities
Dan Pickett
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2020 Summer Internship Opportunities

Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Some additional information.  (LDP refers to leadership development program – the 2yr full time rotational program)

What are the objectives of the Columbia Threadneedle Investments internship and leadership development program?

  1. Provide a highly qualified diverse talent pool for future hiring needs (We are working to provide more specificity around what we measure as “diverse” and what we measure as “qualified” – these measurements will flex depending on current company objectives as well as previous hires)
    1. Qualification measurements:
      • Academic Experience – rigor & applicability
      • Technical Skills – Excel, coding
      • Work Experience
      • Extracurriculars – including leadership experience
  2. Provide a consistent on-boarding and training experience
  3. Enable cross-team learning and coordination

What is the fall recruiting schedule?

  • September/Early Oct – First round interviews (on-site campus interviews & phone)
  • October 25 – onsite second round interviews in Minneapolis (all LDP candidates will be invited to Minneapolis; interns - we will have to determine based on candidate/team location)
  • Fall offers – early November

How many openings do we have?

  • 6 intern positions throughout N. America – includes both undergrad and grad (Intention is that these hires will be considered for 2021 LDP offers)
  • 3 new LDP hires

What will the interns be doing?

  • We are still finalizing which teams will be allocated an intern resource but all interns will be placed directly within investments – either within portfolio management teams, research or trading
  • Placement will be finalized for interns prior to offers being extended

Where are the openings located?

  • Internships - Current expectation is Minneapolis, New York and Boston
  • LDP – we continue to have a strong preference, but not hard requirement, that rotations start in Minneapolis - particularly for people that haven’t interned with us previously; expectation is that there will be movement among our N. American offices throughout the 3 rotations though

Tips in evaluating variable backgrounds against one another for the LDP hires:

  • All LDP participants will be enrolling in the CFA exams – expectation is that throughout the 2-year rotational period, individuals will continue to build on current technical skills and academic gaps can be addressed
  • Balance measuring an individuals’ current industry familiarity with your view on their ability to ramp-up within the next two years
  • We weigh the candidates individually but ultimately look to hire a diverse talent background and skillset

Do we provide visa sponsorship for the LDP hires?

No – unfortunately, rotational programs like this do not meet the visa sponsorship requirements so we are unable to offer sponsorship.


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